About Us

The 3D Museum of Wonders was created to bring a unique world-class experience to all visitors coming to Playa del Carmen. It is the only such destination in all of the Americas. This magnificent museum pays tribute to some extraordinary visual illusions created by an artist celebrated for his mastery of 3-dimensional pavement art emerging on the scene in the 1980s. This art form tricks the eye a true trompe l’oeil technique that allows the viewer to believe there is actually 3 dimensions to the 2-dimensional art they are viewing… This is one of the best activities in Playa del Carmen. And its Ideal for a rainy day.

The Most Exciting Illusions 

The exciting illusions are fully revealed when photographic images are taken with the visitors included in the paintings. What starts out as amazing images soon morphs into irresistible opportunities to ‘jump into the art’ and become an active part of the illusion.

Building Memories

The museum’s owner, explains. “I love watching the immediate reaction of our visitors. In the first few minutes people don’t actually understand what they are seeing. Then all of a sudden you see adults laughing with amazement, having fun and of course taking lots of pictures. Visitors tell us this experience brings out the child in them once again.”

A whole new meaning to eye Candy

The museum is large with ample room for exploring and having fun. So big groups and families have plenty of space to run freely about and engage in the entire exhibit at their own pace. The 3D Museum was built with the visitor in mind. Adults, couples, families of every size, and tour groups find this to be one of the most memorable activities of their time in Playa del Carmen.

Private Experience Available!