The 3D MUSEUM OF WONDERS franchise is a great business opportunity to enter into the world of art and entertainment. 

The franchise comes with all the back-up needed to run a successful operation.  We will support you each step of the way, from training manuals to marketing. 

We offer a limited number of territories for select investors.  To learn more or enquire about franchisee requirements please contact us here. 

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3d Museum of Wonders Franchise

The experience

The amazing visual impact of the artwork irresistibly draws the visitor to jump into the art and become part of the illusion. 

The universal attraction of the images cuts across all age and cultural demographic boundaries. The audience for this one-of-a-kind interactive entertainment experience is limitless. 

The extraordinary art illusions provide an exceptional experience where the participant merges in unbelievable ways with the art. 

Visitors help publicize the museum through social media venues by documenting their interactions with the artwork and sharing photographs with their friends and family.

Unique World Class Interactive Art

The spectacular artwork in each gallery recalls the finest creations in museums around the world.  These paintings however, are made for interaction!  Touching, sitting, standing, and the use of props are encouraged, along with photographs and videos to share the fun with others.

Visitors Merge in Unbelievable Ways with the Art

The museum is both entertaining and educational for everyone from art lovers to honeymooners, from children to grandparents.  Participants of all ages, families, and tour groups will find themselves fascinated with the immersive experience.

3D Paintings are a Unique Opportunity for Fun

The museum’s art makes visitors question everything they see. The museum provides a variety of adventures and experiences that do not require exertion or physical stamina.

A One of a Kind Art & Entertainment Experience

No other museum offers world-class art where the visitor becomes a living part of the story and can share their experiences with others.

A Unique Museum Adventure

This is a 21st century museum that makes art an exciting experience. Visitors enjoy a high quality cultural experience that adds fun and surprises.

Appeals To All Ages and Cultures

Kurt Wenner’s work has appeared in more than 30 countries. His astonishing creations have been reported in newspapers, on television shows, and in documentaries around the globe. For more than 3 decades Kurt Wenner’s remarkable images have generated a track record of bringing both crowds and media attention. His impressive client list of more than 100 of the world’s biggest corporations speaks to the quality and popularity of his images.

Kurt Wenner


Kurt Wenner is one of the world’s leading artists, most famous for inventing interactive 3D art illusions. His work has appeared in more than 30 countries, and in 1991 he received the Kennedy Center Medallion for his outstanding contribution to art education. 

In the 1980s, he left his job at NASA and moved to Europe to study the great works of the Old Masters. By unlocking long lost secrets of geometry and proportion, he conceived the idea for his 3D images. He went on to pioneer bringing art outdoors to the public, as well as making it interactive.  Pavement art is a global phenomenon thanks to his trendsetting work. 

Wenner’s body of work also includes large-scale oil paintings, ceramic murals, sculptures, illusion rooms, and architectural designs.  Most of this work is found in private estates of some of the world’s most wealthy and famous personalities. 

Kurt Wenner’s expertise brings a level of innovation and artistry to the 3D Museum of Wonders that makes it an unrivaled experience.


Universal Studios, Japan

Leonardo in Milan

Carnevale Ambrosiano Floor and Wall Graphic

Herald Square Celebration

Buick Publicity Event, Herald Square, New York

The Ghetto

Lugana di Sirmione, Italy


The Cervantino Festival, Guanajuato, Mexico

Gears of War

Microsoft X-Box, E3 Convention, Los Angeles, California

Raimonda Jarusauskaite


In 2015, Raimonda Jarusauskaite developed and realized her idea of creating a space dedicated solely to the artwork of Kurt Wenner by launching the first 3D Museum of Wonders in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Here she curated an expansive 25,000 square foot museum collection highlighting many of the unique creations from this amazingly innovative artist. In fact, the elegant museum setting exhibits more than fifty of Kurt Wenner’s large-scale works of art. The museum continues its amazing success, welcoming visitors daily to this Mayan Riviera paradise where they can enjoy a completely immersive artistic experience.

What Our Customers Say


A real discovery in Playa del Carmen!

I can say that it was a nice discovery for us in Playa del Carmen. The art is absolutely stunning and you’ll have amazing pictures for remembrance. It’s a great way to spend some fun time with your friends or family. The staff will help you all the way through. Prepare to be amazed and make sure to have a camera with you!

Cindy A

Amazing and Fun place

A friend suggested that we visit the 3D Museum after lunch in Playa. It was an absolutely fabulous afternoon! We had a blast with all the photo op settings. Our photo guide, Naomi, was fun, patient, and wonderful with phone photos.


Fantastic Experience

The 3D Museum is awesome! It is well worth it to go to visit it. We had Anahi as our tour guide. She was really profesional, kind, patient and provided such a good service explaining all the paintings, giving us some ideas for the pics poses, and who took the time to take our pictures.

It is absolutely highly recommended

Private Experience Available!